Hunters' ABC -shooting lessons in English Hyvinkää

Tapahtuman kuva
30.6.2022, klo 10.00 - 16.00
4 / 6
Matti Koho, tai 050 468 3955
Lessons will be spoken in English.

Thursday 30.6.2022 rifle and shotgun lessons as follows:
10:00-13:00 rifle
13:00-16:00 shotgun

Hunters' ABC -shooting lessons are aimed for the hunting lisence students and inexperienced hunters.
Lessons give all necessary basic knowledge for rifle and shotgun handling and training. 

After the lessons you will receive Hunters' ABC -shooting certificate card.

Please bring your own safety classes and ear protectors.  
There will be time to eat, as we will have a short break in the middle of lessons. Please bring your own lunch.

Hunters' ABC -shooting lessons are held in two sections:
  • Shotgun shooting for moving, flying and stationary targets.
  • Shotgun shooting for pattern testing.
  • Rifle shooting for moving and stationary targets.
  • Rifle shooting for accuracy and scope adjustment.
  • Both sections have gun safety lessons.
Lessons are held in a small group, where every trainee does every part of the practise.

Guns (12ga shotgun and .22 lr rifle) and ammunition are provided by Metsästäjäliitto.
If you have your own similar gun and you want to use it, feel free to bring the gun with you.

With the payment you accept the cancellation rules and your enrolment is binding.

Koulutus järjestetään vain jos koulutuksen minimiosallistujamäärä saavutetaan.

Minimiosallistujamäärä on 4.

Katso tarkemmat peruutusehdot sivun alalaidasta kohdasta LIITTEET.

22.4.2022, klo 02.00 - 23.6.2022, klo 17.00
Suomen Metsästäjäliitto Ry
Shooting center Hyvinkää, Ridasjärvi. Follow signs "Metsästysammunnan ABC".
Aikuinen 50,00 €, Alle 18v 35,00 €